Financial Domination

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financial domination

I have dedicated this page of my website to financial domination to help you better understand my style within this multifaceted fetish. My fascination for this niche began a few years back when I was regularly doing live cam sessions. The passion I have for roleplay (specifically hypnosis, reprogramming and all things mind play) became a perfect entry point for turning men into my very own atm machines, banks and all around wealth generators.

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My Wishlist

Another aspect I enjoy is that the act of curating a wish list gives you a glimpse into my more personal world. Hints of hobbies, passions and style are found when you take the time to look. I often find it more enjoyable to compose a vision board like list of desired items than to be volatile with my own money and spend right away… that’s where you come in.

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Throughout my life I have watched men try to control women with money. This old faulty hard wiring is in need of revision. It leaves me disgusted. When I hear men try to flex and brag about their money I am beyond unimpressed.  I can instinctively tell that they are lying and inflating their worth. Wasting money on frivolous items to try and impress women is saddening, pathetic and entirely self serving. A powerful women doesn’t care about what you buy for yourself. She cares about her own priorities. Real wealth is calm, collected and quiet. Real power comes from giving with no expectations. 

Cat's Don't Come When They're Called.

Catwoman Cosplay

You are not buying my servitude.

I deserve yours.

Despite this passionate and somewhat vengeful stance I have a soft touch. My style is not heavy handedly cruel or degrading by default. In fact I would say I gravitate to sensual and nurturing with a sprinkle of sadistic teasing on top. It truly depends on how we interact if at all and what side of me you provoke. At the time of writing this description I am not taking formal sub applications. Phone and cam sessions are available. For now I am dedicating my time to my broader span of fetish work so gifts and tributes are your best bet for my attention… 

Naturally I am also happy to completely ignore you.

Consider this a warning to any protentional contributor. Your money becomes my money and if that does not bring you joy all on its own – find another woman to pay. This is not GFE time. There are pigs and then there are pay pigs. I’m simply more inclined to acknowledge the ones that actually bring me truffles.

So if you wanted to be sure that you have found someone who truly understands the thrill of financial domination - you found her.

On this page I have provided links to all of my options for tributes and gifts. I do not have a preference. All that matters is that you send and do so within your means. Do not burden me with the reality that you are bad with money. Be clever enough to partake in this fantasy of high risk with me. Take care of your finances so that you can keep coming back to me… right up to the day I decide to drain you 😈

I do my own stunts and take my own photos when I model. The links below are for the stock images. 

Image by Andrew Khoroshavin from Pixabay