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Currently, LoyalFans is my preferred site. The site is packed with great features and is hands down the best for requesting custom content! Check out my FAQ below for more info. 

Roleplay, femdom, cosplay and more just for you by Bellatrix Bandit

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Custom Clip FAQ

This list is by no means complete: I have engaged in a multitude of kinks and fetishes. 

  • Mesmerization
  • JOI
  • CEI
  • SPH
  • CBT
  • Ginatess
  • Foot Play
  • Ass worship
  • Belly Sounds
  • Specific body part worship
  • Chastity
  • Blackmail Fantasy
  • Intox Fnatsy
  • Feminization/Sissification
  • Forced Gay
  • Breeding/Impregnation
  • Super hero/villain
  • Fantasy creatures: Succubus, Alien, Vampire and more

9/28/22 Update: I have increased my rate to help me keep up with spooky season. 

My rate has slight variation depending on the clip site you use to complete your order. At the time of creating this FAQ I have set my prices so that approximately 10 dollars per minute goes to the creator. The final price of your clip will also include compensation for the website for hosting my content and processing your transaction in a secure environment. This does not include any upgrades* you may select.

*Including but not limited to upgraded delivery time, resolution, nudity etc. The price of an upgrade is a flat fee which is subject to change as I refine my process. Please check one of my clip sites for current rates.

My average default turn around time for custom clip delivery is three to four weeks. This depends on how many orders I am working on at the time you place your request as well as how much time and effort goes into your script. Elaborate costumes, special effects, alternative shooting locations and more can make a video take longer to complete. You may choose to upgrade from various faster delivery times. They range from two weeks all the way up to three days. Please check one of my clip sites for the current rates of these upgrades. 

This is another answer that varies depending on which website you choose to process your order. Clip sites with integrated custom clip forms such as iWantClips do not place the payment into my account until I have completed and uploaded you order. If for some reason there is a problem that prevents me from completing your order I can decline the order and I will not receive payment. That seems to be pretty standard procedure with all custom clip sites. Alternatively if you made an order through a token based site such as MFC you would tip me using the tokens in your balance upfront and I would not be able to reimburse without contacting support. 

The only way I will accept a custom video order is through one of my selected content platforms. This is to protect both me and you from headaches caused by using payment platforms that do not welcome adult business.

By default my clips are non-exclusive. This means that I may use the content created within your order and reinvent it as I see fit. Some segments may become promotional while long form content may be used as inventory for my clip sites. You may upgrade to make your video exclusive and in that case I will never reuse that footage anywhere – ever – period. I take discretion seriously and respect the requests of my custom clip directors. The price of the exclusive upgrade is a flat fee which is subject to change as I refine my process. Please check one of my clip sites for current rates.

This is definitely a case by case kind of answer. I will do my best to use my discretion and decide on a fair plan to make your fantasy a reality. That means if the costume or outfit you request is something I already have OR I think I have the right materials on hand and I can quickly stitch it all together – well then, there is no extra cost! IF however you really really need to see me in an out-of-this-world costume that I do not own yet – we will begin sourcing the costume and together we can agree on the final cost. I am a cosplayer with two sewing machines and I am not afraid to use them! Keep in mind this will take time depending on the complexity of the design.

The same rules apply to props and adult toys. I am happy to use what I have in my collection. (Keep in mind penetration and nudity are upgrades.) If you have an item in mind outside of my collection we can work together to find a source and agree on a price. It is simple for me to add these as selectable items when you fill out a custom order form on my clip sites. Much like costumes, if I think I can craft a prop with what I already have – there is no extra fee!

Yes, yes and YES! I live for the opportunity to use all the ponies under the hood of my editing PC. I built it myself to ensure that I can handle all the requests of my custom clip directors and my own original creations. Let’s push the limits! At the time of creating this FAQ – specials effects are FREE! You may request audio manipulation such as echoes (a popular one!) and voice distortion for fantasy creatures. As for video effects – gosh where do I start? I can use my green screen and so much more. For example, mesmerization is one of my main kinks and love to play with various illusions to bring the fantasy to life. If you have an over the top idea which requires special effects feel free to contact me to ensure I can make that fantasy a reality.  

*There is a small upgrade fee for for filming in 4K and I hope to add VR to your options soon!    

Custom Clip Order Form Cosplay Photo

I’ve worn a thousand faces and I’ll wear a thousand more. Nothing thrills me more than getting that next custom order and reading the all the magic little details for the very first time. I love everything from vanilla to absolute immersive role-play. It can be as tame or as wild as one could imagine. The joy is not just opening up that little gift – its the process. 


Each new clip is a learning experience. Some make me take greater leaps than others but each one is a little naughty creation dear to my heart. I cannot believe this has become an integral part of what I do on a daily basis to grow my business and I thank my lucky stars every night. Keep those orders coming my good boys!

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Image by Joshua_Willson from Pixabay