About Bellatrix Bandit

A Little Bit About Bellatrix Bandit

When Bellatrix was powering through her education she fell in love with risque live performances. She often escaped on the weekends to watch burlesque shows and more often was crafting away on her own costumes. In that time a curiosity for adult content creation grew stronger. Applications to strip clubs, burlesque troops and even porno studios starting becoming a regular guest on her desk right next to her homework. She could see herself enjoying some elements of all of these paths but something still was not quite right. 

Going digital was the true fit. An arsenal of computer based design knowledge and a desire to remain a solo act led her to camming. It wasn’t long before Alexis took a chance and made a choice that would completely change her career path forever. Live cam was just the gateway into a creative realm of fetish, cosplay and all things erotic. She knew things were about to get far from mundane and she loved it.

A word from Bellatrix about her work:

“From the first time I clicked a button to start streaming – something kinda magic felt like it was happening. To this day I am humbled and enamored by the way technology can provide us with instant creative freedom. I have connected with so many people I would have otherwise never met. Streaming will always be part of what I do but my love for exploring different fetishes as a clip creator grows stronger everyday. 

I am a switch which means I enjoy being dominant and submissive. This duality helps me explore new kinks and role-play fantasies. A perfectionist at heart – I strive for quality in my craft and the ability to scratch the itch for everyone who decides to support me. You may be looking for someone to simply chat with or perhaps you are on the hunt for someone who can help you explore the nuances of your fetish. Either way, I’m here.

This digital realm makes it possible for an introverted creature to find her voice. I often consider myself a bit of a mad scientist when the creativity takes over. Dedicating myself to this work and building this brand helps me find a way to channel that force and share it with like minded people from all over the world. I cannot begin to explain the joy that is waking up and feeling excited to start the next project. Sometimes that’s as simple as going live or taking a call from someone new. 

On other days I strive to perfect a new custom clip order or begin filming one of my own ideas. The fact that everyday is something new keeps me challenged, stimulated and fulfilled. Let me share that feeling with you. I cannot wait for the opportunity to be inspired by your fantasy. Cosplay, fetish, vanilla, bdsm – doesn’t matter. I love aspects of all of these genres. I am not about to pick a favorite. Each new project is a new learning experience and I am happiest when I’m learning.”  

Thanks for reading about me,

Bellatrix Bandit


Need More?

I love getting feedback about my work and questions from fans, feel free to contact me. You can always give me a call or send me a message on one of my content platforms. See the full list here. Preferred platforms come on go so sending me an email on my own website is always best. I am always happy to learn about your ideas for a custom video or live session. 

I have experience in various fetishes and femdom work. Perhaps we could be a match for a digital D/S arrangement. My base slave contract is always improving and will be tailored to your specific scenario if we prove to be compatible. So don’t be shy! Send me a message today and we can begin our conversation.