Sub Application

Ready to serve me and become my official slave?

Read until the end of this page to find the application form OR purchase the PDF file. Only the most committed and obedient good boys are accepted. Digital D/S arrangements provide a whole new realm of possibilities for a femdom creator. I take each new application into my care and do my best to ensure we will be compatible. Read over my application today if you think you may be interested in entering something more advanced.  

Fill Out The Form Below ONLY After Reading My Terms.

This is a unique interaction that is tailored to your specific preferences. I will not initiate my
services with preformed notions or assumptions about the nuances of your desire. I will not waste
my time trying to guess what you want from me. I need to get to know about your limitations and
boundaries before we can begin. I also want to know as much about your fetishes and fantasies
as possible. This will be addressed in your entry assignment that is at the end of this application.


Steps to Servitude

1. Submit Application With Tribute

Applications are not complete if you do not send the mandatory Tribute of $100. 

2. Your Trial Period

  • If your application is approved we will advance to a trial period.
  • The period is one week of time dedicated to creating our contract and testing our compatibility. I want to find the best way for you to serve me. 

3. Agree to the terms and payments of our custom document.

  • You will receive the final contract at the end of the trial. It will provide the details regarding how you will serve me. 
  • If you submit to my terms you will become my official slave.
Servitude Info-graphic

What You Can Expect:

  • Daily interaction
  • Slave tasks
  • Slave training
  • Rewards and punishment based on your quality of servitude.
  • A thorough exploration of your personal abilities as my submissive.
  • Engaging in your fetishes and kinks based on your specific nature.

My Specialties

I am a fetish friendly cosplayer, clip artist and cam model. I enjoy exploring new kinks. I am
a switch who began as a submissive. It was not long after creating my online presence that I
discovered my dominant nature. Here are a few of my favorite types of play: 

Mesmerization • Financial Domination • Key Holder/Chastity • Cosplay Role-play

Foot/Shoe Play • PAWG Worship/Smothering • CBT • SPH • CEI • JOI • Blackmail Fantasy

Coerced Gay/Bi • Feminization • Sissification • Homewrecker Fantasy

Servitude Rules

The amount of time I spend interacting with you on a daily basis depends on your budget.
You may not enter a d/s arrangement with me for less than the amounts listed below on this page. If you are not ready to provide these amounts to serve me you are welcomed to purchase my other digital products.

Servitude Terms

  • The first payment must be received before the trial period can start.
  • Your payment is due on a weekly basis. Failure to pay immediately ends our interaction.
  • To redeem yourself after missing a payment you must submit to a penalty and punishment
    -which is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • All of my services are ONLY available through site-based payments.
  • If you waste my time by asking for other payment methods your application will be rejected.
  • Phone calls, clips and separate products do not count toward this fee.

Servitude Plans

  • $250/Week • Up to 1/2 hour of my time per day – No Weekend Obligation
  • $500/Week • Up to 1 hour of my time per day – Occasional Weekends
  • $750/Week • Up to 1 hour of my time per day – Including Weekends
  • Need More of Me?
    Please discuss a larger offer with me in detail. How do you expect to serve me? Elaborate on your expectations of my ability to dedicate my time to you. Write this information in your application response.

Interaction Methods

I will communicate with you by sending text, images and video.
The nature of this media depends on our unique arrangement.
Sending additional tributes will increase your chances of receiving more attention.

Official Servitude Application

This application was drafted on May 1st 2020
It is subject to updates and modifications as I develop my personal style of domination.


Does not have to be a real - What should I call you outside of play?
Email is preferred. Social media accounts and site screen names are a bonus.
This is not just me asking why you want to be dominated in general. Why have you chosen me as your domme?
- For the Dominant: Examples are Mistress, Goddess etc. - For the submissive: Examples are slave, pet, good boy etc.
This is not me tricking you into playing within these kinks. I believe in building trust with my submissives.
What made it enjoyable? What could be improved or different?
You may also ask me anything regarding these terms that you found unclear. Healthy communication will only improve the quality of your experience.